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He is also a member of the Grand Rapids Rotary Club.

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At a wedding party, secluded together by a lake, a woman named Didi wraps Philip in a blanket and tells a story of a baby coyote captured by an elder from amongst a flock of sheep: “The elder said, ‘Come with me to the river so I can show you who you really are.’ The baby coyote looked into the water and saw that he was really a coyote, not a sheep.” The chemistry is palpable; Didi’s story is more poignant than she knows — or perhaps she does.Yet, when the chance comes, Philip loses their nerve.Over and over again, Philip leaps for love until the temporary flush fades away, leaving nothing behind.After a drag show, a woman named Nettle offers, “How about you hang out with me for 17 years?The novel puts forth a sort of mystical symbolism before it’s even cracked.Wrapped in simple brown paper, stamped with just its title, “Two Augusts in a Row in a Row” offers itself up to the reader, naked and unadorned — simply beautiful.

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The young Sebastian explores his sexuality and seeking sex/love online. See full summary » Despite his marginal and extrovert looks, Jeremie is a shy teenager who keeps a heavy secret: his homosexuality.Philip revels in the freedom of androgyny, yet struggles with the kind of loneliness and dysphoria that so many genderqueer people face.Philip finds momentary solace with a number of partners.To borrow an oft-used phrase from the members of my generation: I have a lot of feelings about “Two August in a Row in a Row.” Self-professed “visual artist; writer; editor; tarot and palm reader; rising star healer” Shelley Marlow’s newest novel is a cross-generational recognition of queer life.As a genderqueer reader who has never before experienced this kind of raw validation in fiction, I daresay it’s groundbreaking.He was visited by his best friend, Christian (Peter Vack) along with his younger brother, Cole (Morgan Krantz)....