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President Obama won a second term by marrying the new Democratic coalition with just enough of the old to overcome enduring economic disenchantment and a cavernous racial divide.In many places, particularly across the Sun Belt, Obama mobilized the Democrats' new "coalition of the ascendant," winning enough support among young people, minorities and college-educated whites, especially women, to overcome very weak numbers among blue-collar whites and college-educated men.The campaign showed the parties to be divided as deeply in the direction they want to take America as at any time since 1980, if not 1964.Yet the election once again showed the nation to be divided extremely closely.O’Fallon is the fifth fastest-growing city in the St.Louis area, according to figures compiled by the city.But the message for Republicans was much more stark.By winning nearly three-fifths of whites, Romney matched the best performance among white voters ever for a Republican challenger--and yet he lost decisively in the Electoral College.

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Even as Obama won convincingly in the Electoral College, his victory underscored the enduring polarization along ideological, regional, and racial lines: For instance, while about three-fifths of Hispanics and three-fourths of African-Americans who voted said they wanted his health care law maintained or even expanded, nearly three-fifths of whites said they wanted it repealed.

With the victory, Democrats have now won the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections -- matching the Republican record from 1968 to1988 (if not the massive margins the GOP frequently racked up during those years).

Obama also held all 18 "blue wall" states that have voted Democratic in each election since 1992.

Four years ago, Obama became the first candidate ever to lose white voters by double digits and win the election; in that campaign, whites preferred John Mc Cain by 12 percentage points.

In this election, Obama's deficit among whites swelled to 20 points, according to the exit polls as of 1 a.m. In winning reelection, Obama captured a smaller share of the white vote than John Kerry did when he lost in 2004.