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We invite their friends over, give them snacks, and let them play games.

This way they don’t feel that they have to get out of the house to have fun.” Of course, even in a group you still have to be careful about showing too much attention to one person.

“I want to do as the Bible says and honor my father and mother,” says one youth, “but I don’t think they’re right.

“10 years both ways…” –Jim-397948 “Never younger, same age, or 10-13 years older.” -Jordie-610865 “I used to think 2 years younger and up to 5or 6 older, but I’m starting to find that this might be limiting myself a lot! Too old.” -Ramona-738757 “Basically I tend to go 10 years either way but really prefer closer age than that.” -Dawn-758914 “I have gone as much as 7 years younger. I think dating someone any more than about 3 years older would be a little uncomfortable for me.” -Chris-577148 “In a search I go up or 54-64.

” -Nessa-101876 “20 up or down.” -John-631631 “If I need to shave more than you? [Donna is 59.] Considering that most men want a woman younger than them, I don’t hold out much hope for a man any younger than me. It makes me a little nervous though when many of the men who browse me are 70-80.

(Proverbs 1:4) On the other hand, do you already possess the qualities and skills needed to be a husband or a wife that will truly be loved and respected?

Do you really have the patience and determination needed to maintain a long-term relationship?