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It’s hard work doing eight shows a week, but utterly exhilarating.’ After , Carrie concentrated on schoolwork, took her GCSEs and, aged 16, began writing a musical with Tom.

Soon she made appearances in commercials, most notably a short Channel 4 ident – those little scenes that are used to remind viewers which station they are watching – in which she blew out a candle on a birthday cake.‘Girls are worried about the same things: loneliness, falling out with friends, the pain of being excluded, another girl trying to poach their best friend, and worrying about how to make friends or keep friends.’ Now it’s pretty obvious why mothers shed a tear or two; who among us wouldn’t have benefited from a how-to guide to friendship? ‘I once had a friend who had a personal problem which she told me about in confidence,’ she says.‘I didn’t know how to advise her so I spoke in vague terms about it to an adult who I knew would be able to help her more than I could.Her father worked at Kodak and her mother, formerly a learning-support teacher, has just taken on the role of paid nanny to her first grandchild Buzz, the one-year-old son of Tom and his wife Giovanna. ‘Holding him, I feel such strong emotions that I fear that when I eventually have a child of my own, I might accidentally squish it to death with love!’Although there was no performing tradition in the family, Tom knew from an early age that he wanted to sing and act and begged his parents to let him attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School.First comes the astonished gasp of gratitude and relief from a teenager discovering that, OMG, she’s not alone and entirely misunderstood after all!