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At the same time, and somewhat contrarily, I also believe in the human capacity to change.

Some years ago, a couple of psychological scholars named James Prochaska and Carlo Di Clemente developed a theory of how people change.

He had threesomes with her, asked her about golden showers, and set up clandestine meetings with her in hotel rooms. But that’s what famed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim K did in April of 2010, just one month after her split with Reggie was made official.

It might seem like Ronaldo was slumming it with Kim, when his life is built on an actual career. And she’s Jennifer Peace, who also trades under the delightful moniker “Devon Shire.” Unsurprisingly, Cowlings was regarded by many porn stars as being a hanger-on to the industry, bouncing around from one starlet to the next, probably informing them that he was friends with O. Simpson, back when people wouldn’t run away from you when you told them that.

In June 2010, an ambulance was called to her condo after Capriati overdosed on prescription drugs.

According to Da Bone she overdosed in response to the news that he had gone back into adult movies.

If for example, I were to meet a gorgeous porn star on the tennis court, my instinct would always be to assume that regardless of how much in love he may be with me, it would be just a matter of time until he goes back to his porny ways.

I believe that there is sometimes a sad predictability to human behavior. We have an absurd human tendency to keep repeating the same habits and tendencies.

Not only is that “dating,” but possibly common-law marriage. Their meetings were kept secret between July and October of 2009, until the lid came off once Elin clocked him in the head with a golf club (irony! Because I care about my readers, I’ll also share this with you: He asked her to beg him for sex and conveyed a desire to bite her during sex. Her attorney later claimed that she knew she was ovulating, suggesting that their tryst may not have just been about love. Only in the world of athletes and whatever the hell Kim Kardashian is would two people meet in Spain for dinner for a first date.However, here is an incomplete list of the women the soccer player had been attached to in the six years before Kim: Jordan Jardel, Karina Ferro, Daniele Aguiar, Isabel Figueir, Diana Chaves, Nuria Bermudez, Soraia Chaves, Merche Romero, Luciana Abreu, Gemma Atkinson, Bipasha Basu, Karina Bacchi, Carolina Patrocinio, Lucia Garcia, Maria Sharapova, Niki Ghazian, Tyese Cunningham, Nereida Gallardo, Mia Judaken, Imogen Thomas, Letizia Filippi, Alyona Haynes, Olivia Saunders, Gabriela Endringer, Launa Belletti, Paris Hilton, and Rafaella Fico. Of course, Cowlings claimed it to be a one time affair, while Peace claimed it to be a relationship.Well, in light of that (especially the penultimate entry), I would say that they probably deserve each other. Why does this delineation matter, in the grand scheme of things?Once emotionally committed, they make preparations for imminent change, and move into taking action. I don’t know where in this model to fit Jennifer Capriati.I don’t know if her recent drug overdose is a reflection of the predictability of her past behavior which includes drug abuse, or whether it highlights the difficulties of maintaining hard-won change.Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, and the relationship ended as quickly as it began. Well, in a February 1995 interview with that bastion of journalistic integrity, Cheri Magazine, she claimed that A. had called her during the well-known Bronco chase and told her “O. did it.” There is no corroboration, and at the time, she was already known to have had Bonds unknowingly impregnate her, so no one really paid much attention to her story, thankfully.