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"I guess I'm not that interested in being a part of things that have nothing to do with my music.

"You know, in this economy...." but the cost of living or rent isn't going down at all. The real man is the guy who's had everything given to him, so now at my same age he owns a house and his own business.

but claiming to be infertile in court so that you can continue to be a dead beat dad is pure scum. You have to read the article, please, because there are some very disturbing trends and statistics that it shows off here, which I won't rehash so you'll need to check it out, but none more disturbing than the claim from women "WHERE HAVE ALL THE REAL MEN GONE?

" It's a good topic, but its also a skewed perspective, and I'm the perfect example of that. I work my ass off in a lot of different areas, yet no matter what I do I can't catch a break.

Or a real man is the guy on the police or fire department that I scored 20 points higher than on the tests and am in better shape, but he got the job and I didn't. You'd be amazed at how being a "real" man has to do with the money you bring home, the vacations you go on, the partying you do, but not anything to do with the quality of human being you are.

We live in a society where recording artists beat the hell out of their women, athletes rape girls in bathrooms, get drunk and run down and kill average people in their cars, Presidents kill their own people to go to war, and billionaires deny their children forcing them to live off of welfare...