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to continue for ever, to be called King's College." In 1849, after a lengthy and heated debate, the newly elected responsible government of Upper Canada voted to rename King's College as the University of Toronto and severed the school's ties with the church.
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Upon finding the room where Debbie's slaves making cupcakes, Phil convinces them to eat the cupcakes, causing Debbie to overheat and melt into black goo. Hackett is feeling depressed about his dating problems, and Phil and Keely help him gain the confidence to impress his ex-girlfriend. A malfunctioning gadget switches Phil's and Curtis' personalities once in a while, Phil tries to impress a girl named Alice (Alice Greczyn), Pim gets stressed out by her "not so best friend" Debbie (who already died in "Halloween") and she takes a yoga class that Debbie teaches.Keely takes Phil's New-Ager and makes herself older (25 years old) to see what she'll look like, but Mr. Keely gets jealous of Phil's love interest to Alice and in the end of the episode Alice finds out that Phil was trying to impress her and she breaks up with him, Keely and Phil dance to the last song at the Ball.Debbie helps Pim in cooking after she consecutively uses restaurant food as her assignment.To get the after burner card for his skyak, Phil has to watch Pim while their parents are gone for the weekend; Pim tries to sabotage the weekend.Phil learns the older brother likes rabbits and gives him one, defusing the situation.Lloyd thinks that Phil's science project will lead to their discovery, and decides they must move. When Darcy, the other girl, asks about Tanner, Phil morphs into Tanner and kisses her privately.

Meanwhile, Pim tries to break up Debbie and Bradley because they annoy her with their love talk.Phil doesn't want to go because he only has four toes.His dad makes him a prosthetic toe, which is lost in the tomatoes, then found by Keely.Meanwhile, Pim discovers Debbie's single dislike, raisins, and uses it against her.Phil jeopardizes his family's chance to return to the future when he refuses to play pranks on the town mayor.To end the problem, Phil shrinks himself and climbs up the mike stand to help to Keely sing "Protecting Me".