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The lead male role was meant to be a goofy, hopeless dork who ends up becoming successful and "gets the girl" in the end by being himself.

I give it the max: 5 stars and recommend it to anyone searching for a better dating life. You will be sitting their wondering in what world is there a Dog psychologist?

When Kristy and Bobby take a sudden interest in each other, it's only a matter of time before one of them finds out that they're working for the competition. Great script and actors who fit and worked very well together.

Great directing that made sure everything kept moving and NEVER lagged.

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Is he really a great wing man or just a decent human being?

After an unexpected breakup, Bobby's friends convince him to get out of his rut by leveraging his prowess with the ladies into a business as a wingman for hire.

Meanwhile, Kristy - who also just went through a breakup - finds therapy and monetary success in defending women from sleazy male advances.

Begging and pleading through phone calls and emails could eventually lead into physically stalking the ex-partner at homes, workplaces and public gathering places.

The 8-minute short stars Joceyln Anna Lernout as the Ex-Lover, Nicole Henderson as the Beautiful Woman and Matteo de Cola as the Handsome Man.