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These images along with their riding to be etched into the memory bank of the adoring fans.In 1970 the world surfing titles came to Bells Beach. In the case of most of the Aussie contingent way too short (under the 6ft mark) which severely handicapped the likes of favourites Wayne Lynch and Nat young.The waves were a perfect peeling 2 to 3 ft and we watched in awe as Midget and Nat stole the show alternating between 5 and 10 toes on the nose wave after wave.Along with a hundred or so other spectators our boards stayed on the roof racks of dad’s EH Holden wagon.By 1975 Trigger Bros had switched over from Dion foam to Surfblanks.They arrived in shipments of 50 to 100 by train at Frankston station.Rolling further into the 70’s Midget was ridiculed (too squeaky clean for Tracks) because he spoke out against the growing drug image that was associated with surfing.He was labelled a past champion who was no longer progressive yet when Rip Curl backed the first professional event at Bells in 1973 he placed second to Peterson.

Picture: Keith Platt While continuing a highly successful shaping career with his Farrelly surfboards Midget added another string to his bow by making his own foam blanks “Surfblanks” from 1968.

Midget was a great host and invited me to use the shaping shed under his house at palm beach to finish off a board for the comp.

Although he had left school at 15 for a life of surfing and making surfboards Farrelly was an extremely intelligent and practical person who I have no doubt could have winged his way thru Uni and added a few Degrees to his resume on the way .

Peter said ” There was one ten foot wave in particular that Farrelly rode from way over near Rincon got barreled and flew thru the bowl at high speed, he was by far the best big wave surfer in the contest on that first day of competition”.

Midget was well and truly prepared for whatever bells had to offer and the shaping was that of a Master craftsman(beautiful rail shape not dissimilar to modern boards-soft round).