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The justice reinvestment package resulted from recommendations in a March report from the state's Justice Reinvestment Task Force, a bipartisan group of law enforcement, court practitioners, community members and legislators.Prator said the task force had one law enforcement member.

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That man also will be released in November, Prator said.

He said the changes will result in more repeat offenders — and more overall crime — in Caddo Parish."Many of those scheduled to be released have not been properly vetted and are a danger to our safety and property," Prator said.

"Seasoned multiple offenders are getting a break at our expense.

She said the Caddo District Attorney's Office “will continue working with law enforcement and the Department of Corrections to find ways to ensure that the guilty are held accountable, that restitution is collected that may be due to victims, and make them whole.”The prison reform bills, sponsored by various state senators, address both violent and non-violent offenders, as well as sentencing and requirements for probation and parole.

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