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The town was the distributing point for an area as large as some eastern states. Curwen saw that he couldn’t go horseback to the ranch, still 40 miles away, so he arranged for him to ride out in the buckboard of a neighbor who had come to Magdalena for supplies.The driver of the team of mules and two of his cowboys who rode alongside horseback loaded up with bottles of whiskey before leaving town.Two hotels offered rooms, some in shifts to accommodate miners.During its turn-of-the-century peak Kelly boasted close to 3,000 residents.According to Wadleigh, on the road “my companions grew hilarious as they partook of the liquor and were pleased to have the chance to show the tenderfoot a good time.”That entailed shooting at the heels of the mules, who kicked and jumped from one side of the road to the other. “Notwithstanding our wild trip, we arrived at the ranch in time for dinner.”“Those were the days of the open range,” explained the novice. The different cow outfits bought or held the few wells or water holes. The cattle were branded and turned loose and often strayed as much as a hundred miles from home.”The youth remained there for several years, becoming an accepted member of the cowboy community and having a hat-full of adventures, as all range riders did.Later, he acquired his own small ranch in the mountains above Glorieta, east of Santa Fe.

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Two schools educated the children, while a movie house provided a modicum of entertainment.

It had a plaza in the center and an old church.”The pair remained at the Winsor a couple of days while Curwen conducted business and young Wadleigh bought himself an outfit.

From a busted cowpuncher, he acquired a raw-boned buckskin horse, a saddle and bridle.

Due to the steep grade, pack mules carried the ore from the mines to Magdalena until completion of a spur to Kelly.

One sad local story concerned 18-yearold Annie Bishop, eldest daughter of freighter William Smith and Brunswick Hotel proprietor Helen Smith.