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He said they chose Calicut to launch the drug as the global ayurveda fest was being held in the city.

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As soon as your dog tries to mount someone or something, command him or her to “Leave it!

” and reward your dog with a treat if he or she obeys, says Dr. If your dog doesn’t obey, remove him or her from the situation entirely.

In fact, female dogs can be just as hump-happy as male dogs.

But there’s a time and a place for dog humping, and it’s usually not when visitors arrive at your home or when you’re meeting new dogs.

Sexually motivated humping may be accompanied by “flirtatious” body language, such as a raised tail, pawing, and play bows, notes Dr. They don’t understand how to play well and get overaroused during play.” Stress or Excitement For some dogs, humping is the most natural response to a tense or exciting situation.

Ignore the Behavior If your dog is humping to get attention, the best remedy is to prevent the behavior whenever possible (e.g., keep your dog in a crate when visitors arrive) and ignore it when it does happen.

Make sure you give your dog plenty of attention and exercise at other times of the day, however.

Fortunately, dogs can learn to behave in most situations unless there’s a medical or significant behavioral problem.

“Both male and female dogs mount other dogs, people, and objects.