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‘It’s been a really eventful year for me,’ she grins, giving me a good, long look at that trademark gap-toothed smile.‘I turned 21 this summer, at 12am on the dot of my picture wrap.’ She celebrated in suitably debauched, cognac-fuelled style, at her favourite strip club.‘Like a Clueless girl or something.’ We’re in the back garden of a bar in Manhattan, across the street from the studio where Woods has spent the day shooting for our story.She’s changed into her own clothes now — customised Raf Simons Ozweego trainers and a hooded Fenty jumpsuit: biker shorts on the bottom and a top unzipped so low that I am treated to an eyeful of my braless interviewee’s left breast, complete with nipple piercing, before she realises and adjusts herself.When she was four, she says her mother was sent to prison for manslaughter.She declines to go into detail, saying her mother is due to be released next year, after 18 years inside, and will be ‘parolling’ [ie living] with her. ‘Um, 13 or 14.’ They speak on the phone, but she hasn’t seen her mother for more than three years. ‘And when everyone in the world is telling you that you’re going to be just like your mother, and then you’re behind bars…’ She fiddles with the enormous plump oyster on the end of her fork.‘I was never the pretty girl at school, I was the ugly kid. ‘I’m trying to accept the whole thing.’ As to exactly why she is having a moment, Woods thinks it’s simple. She has, she admits, lost money because of her habit, which she openly flaunts on Instagram, one of the platforms that assisted in her rapid rise to fame.‘I’ve lost 5,000 in a day from being myself,’ she nods, referring to work lost because of her association with weed.

Confidence, clearly, is not something Woods was dealt in short supply.‘It drew me into a dark hole, because it wasn’t tangible. ‘I had fame before I had bread [money],’ she tells me, earnestly, as she orders six Bluepoint oysters and a double shot of Hennessy.I’ll freely admit that, before meeting Woods, I was more than a little intimidated by her fierce social media persona.She has been shot for the 2017 Pirelli calendar alongside Naomi Campbell and Lupita Nyong’o, and for Italian, Japanese and American Vogue.All of which is even more impressive when you consider that, two years ago, she was living in a ‘traphouse’ (a property where drugs are sold) in Los Angeles, addicted to opioids and scratching a living through credit-card crime.But if she sounds brazen and immodest, who, really, could blame her?