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We hired a TC look-alike to drive the bus." - Chris Chat Sports: Rumor was that someone tried to take the Tom Selleck cutout - what happened there? After we got kicked out, the Detroit police officer was nice enough to go back into the park and get out Tom Selleck cutout and bring it back out to us. And then there was a rowdy group that got kicked out right around there, grabbed it, took off running.

He got tackled real quick by a couple of magnums and put to the ground and we rescued him, brought him back to the fold. Started drinking around noon, had a mustache dying party around ish, 1 o'clock.

We didn't do anything that wasn't PG-13." - Chris Tuccini Bros: "There were no fights, nothing broken, no one got hurt, no one got arrested. A little too much fun for Comerica Park, I guess." – Joe Chat Sports: What was the amount of alcohol that the average Mangum consumed?

Tuccini Bros: "We had 30 cases of beer and it was all gone. Jameson, Maker’s Mark, Absolute, Patron, Crown Royal. What we did was charged everyone accordingly and part of the gift is that we bought Joe a Shinola watch from all of our 45 Magnums." – Chris Chat Sports: What happened that resulted in you guys getting kicked out of the Park? Feel like a rising star, really …" - Chris Chat Sports: So how do you top this? Don't know now." - Joe Tuccini Bros: "Next year it’ll be 450 magnums going to Comerica Park. It takes a deep-seated love to get 45 people to dress up as Magnum P. Tuccini Bros: "Well, we’re kinda know for throwing pretty good parties.

Tuccini Bros: "They're manly smells." – Group Chat Sports: Chris, it says on Facebook that you studied 'fighting, farting and fucking' at 'Fuck College Street Knowledge.' First question, where is that located?

Tuccini Bros: "Our demands are really quite simple, sir. We’re all married except for Joe, and we all had epic bachelor parties.And we wanted to send Joe off with the most epic bachelor party.The look on those poor people’s faces when all that man meat walked into that people mover." - Gabe Tuccini Bros: "Best part was we had a Bluetooth speaker playing the magnum theme the whole time." – Chris Tuccini Bros: "It was outstanding.We had a photographer with us the whole time taking some great shots." – Gabe Tuccini Bros: "We’ve got over 1,200 photos we're still gonna have to go through." – Chris Tuccini Bros: "Crashed afterward from the midnight snack." - Joe Tuccini Bros: "It was pretty mellow though.The interview will be aired on the Cam Rogers Show live on the Chat Sports Facebook page at a.m.