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Mutatis mutandis safe and predictable dynamic software updating

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Here we identify them, in Section 3.2 we describe how we satisfy them in K42, and then in Section 4 we generalise to other operating systems.

At a minimum, dynamic update needs to support changes to the code of a system, however there are varying levels of support possible for updates which also affect data.

In this paper we identify requirements needed to provide a dynamically updatable operating system, describe our implementation, and present our experiences in designing and using the dynamic update mechanism.

We also discuss its applicability to other operating systems.

We classify dynamic updates in this way: Having classified the possible updates, we now introduce a set of fundamental requirements for dynamic update.

In order to update a system, it is necessary to be able to define an updatable unit.

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To take effect, these patches traditionally require either restarting system services, or often rebooting the machine. Sometimes this downtime can be scheduled, if for example the patch adds a feature, improves performance, etc.An operating system is a unique environment with special constraints, and additional challenges must be solved to provide dynamic update functionality.We have addressed these challenges in the implementation of a dynamic update mechanism for K42, an object-oriented research operating system supporting hot-swapping.Further, in more mature systems such as mainframes, some user constraints prevent the system from ever being shutdown.In such an environment, users can only get new functionality into the system by performing a dynamic update.Next, Section 5 describes our experiences applying dynamic update to K42 using three motivating examples, Section 6 discusses the limitations of our implementation and our plans for future work, Section 7 compares related work, and Section 8 concludes.