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In a society that condemns love between males, can they find a way to be together?

Seth and Steven take the Grand Tour of Europe to see the sights and visit Steven's kids. But Seth will not let any challenge to his and Steven's relationship go undefeated. Set during the Italian Renaissance, a young painter is suddenly exiled after his family's murder.

In the future, after a bloody, lengthy war between humans and artificial intelligences, the Earth is a ruined wasteland and the AIs still stalk the land, looking for humans to render harmless by digitizing them.

Lord Dredd controls the AIs’ relentless march, while the human resistance is headed up by Captain Jonathan Power and his team.

Just as he decides his life is meaningless, he encounters a vampire who changes his fate. In the Spring of 2006, Aldous Asquith, The Assassin, escaped from a mental hospital just outside London, and then..vanished. When a gay boy with trust issues rescues a popular, beautiful boy from social suicide, he gets thrown into a whole new world of sex, angst and betrayal. Asking for help is hard to do, but Ethan doesn't have a choice. finished YAOI Toby Mathews' life was finally turning around. Leon recognizes all too well the predictability of the world.

The Year is 2010 and the British Monarchy is under threat. Falling in love with October De Tamble was most definitely not part of the plan. Beau is happy to come to the rescue, even as he tells himself it's only the case he wants. On the bright side, the hero might get his own hot guy with a dragon tattoo. Until he realizes the best thing to ever happen to him isn't what it seems. But one day Matt finds out something that changes their relationship forever. Yet when the outside world becomes as illogical as his inside world, Leon displaces himself out of the realm of comfort, reason and legality to find reality.

Ira is an expert in killing people, and all he wants is Seymour. My job at Melissa Anderten Gallery was hard enough without the input of the most annoying photographer on the planet. David's entire life has been planned out for him by his parents. A drunken night together leads to a secret love affair that will shape their lives in ways they don't even know yet. Things are good but when they go downhill, the only person she has, is the one who caused her fall.

“Scout” infiltrates one of Lord Dredd’s hideouts with orders to set explosive charges and destroy the base, but the base’s exterior doors close thanks to a preset timer – a security measure that almost results in disaster. Back at the group’s hidden headquarters, Power receives a message from Athena, a childhood friend dating back to before the war, originating from the ruins of San Francisco, and he goes to meet her there.

The mission is trouble from the outset: Pilot is knocked out by some sort of sleeping gas while keeping watch on the ship, and Power is ambushed by his old friend, who is now doing Dredd’s bidding.

Pilot awakens and summons the rest of the team for backup, but Dredd has dispatched backup of his own in the form of Soaron.

Tim Dunigan (Captain Jonathan Power), Peter Mac Neill (Maj.