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On October 19, 2016, Corus announced that a Canadian version of the Cooking Channel—a spin-off of its Canadian version of Food Network, would launch on December 12, 2016, replacing W Movies.
TREKCORE: Ken, you said on stage that you and your son “play Klingons” at home now? Pretty much every day now, he puts a tennis racket in my hand, and he says, “Dad, this is the !

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In 2006, TBS adapted the wrenching story into an 11-episode series starring Yamada Takayuki as Kirihara Ryoji and Ayase Haruka as Karasawa Yukiho, the love for whom he descends into crime to protect.The production notably reunited the stars, writer and producer of the hit 2004 tearjerker Crying out Love, in the Center of the World for a far darker exploration of the unbreakable bond of young love that connects past and present.He would continue to solve strange and difficult murder cases in eight more books, the last of which, Inori no Maku ga Orirutoki ("When the Curtain of Prayer Descends"), was published in 2013.Stories in the Detective Kaga series have been adapted for television multiples times, including Asahi TV's 1993 series Nemuri no Mori no Bijo Satsujin Jiken starring Yamashita Shinji and NHK's 2001 Higashino Keigo Mysteries: Akui, which changed the Kaga role to one named Nishihara, played by Hazama Kanpei.Detective Kaga first appeared in 1986 in Higashino's second novel Sotsugyo ("Graduation") as a university student investigating a campus serial murder case.In 1989's Nemuri no Mori ("Sleeping Forest") about the deadly competition within a ballet troupe, Kaga became a detective in the First Investigation Division of the Criminal Affairs Bureau.

The two feature films focus primarily on Yukawa as he unravels single complicated mysteries.The novel's English version was also shortlisted for the Edgar Award in the U. Besides the Japanese adaptation, The Devotion of Suspect X has also been adapted into films in Korea and China.Perfect Number, the 2012 Korean version directed by Bang Eun Jin, removes the Detective Galileo premise altogether in favor of a standard crime detective (Jo Jin Woong).Directed by the TV series' director Nishitani Hiroshi, Suspect X and Midsummer's Equation were both blockbusters, with the former also being a critical hit that garnered nominations for Best Film, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress at the 32nd Japan Academy Prize.Suspect X is based on the 2005 novel The Devotion of Suspect X, the crown jewel of the Galileo series that finally won Higashino the prestigious Naoki Prize as well as the Honkaku Mystery Award. In the story, Yukawa meets his match in an old friend and fellow math genius (played by Tsutsumi Shinich in the film) who orchestrates a complex plan to cover up a murder committed by his neighbor.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.