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Following is a description of some of the common conditions imposed on sex offenders by the Court or the Oregon Board of Parole and Post Prison Supervision: No Contact Understanding what “no contact” means is essential to the offender as well as his support system.Failure to comply will result in a consequence that is typically determined during staffing between the therapist and the parole and probation officer.“No contact” means that it is the offender’s responsibility to make every attempt to avoid contact with children.This means no telephone calls, no letters, no notes, no face-to-face meetings, no gifts and no messages through another person.Polygraphers must be licensed by the American Polygraphers Association (APA) and must have completed the sex-offender specific training presented by the APA.Examination payment is the offender’s responsibility and is made directly to the examiner.Conditions preventing contact with the victim of the offense, preventing contact with males and females under the age of 18, completing sex offender treatment, submitting to regular polygraph examinations, registering as a convicted sex offender, prohibiting the use of pornography, restricting intimate relationships and prohibiting alcohol and drug use are essential tools in supervising sex offenders.

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They must sign a written treatment contract which identifies treatment rules, expectations and consequences of non-compliance with rules.

All violations of the treatment contract and/or supervision conditions are discussed between the therapist and supervising officer and a joint decision made regarding appropriate consequences.

All requests for contact with minors must be submitted on a “Visitation/Contact” form and must have the approval of the legal guardian of the minor, the treatment provider and the parole and probation officer.

Additionally, offenders are required to meet with their therapist on an individual basis as needed.

An offender’s spouse or significant other is also required to meet with the therapist.