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Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the 1995 flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party.

However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the 1995 sorority sisters.

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Chanel looks for comfort in her unfaithful, compulsively cheating boyfriend, Chad Radwell, but he says that he cannot date someone if her sorority is "filled with fatties and weirdos". Bean, whom she rudely calls "White Mammy" and takes her to the Coffee Shop Barista, where she reveals her plans to scare the new pledges into leaving the sorority by staging Ms. She also encounters her former stalker, Pete Martínez and one of the new pledges Grace Gardner, and spills the beans and gives info about Pete's former 'stalker's intentions' and Grace looks somewhat disgusted at Pete. Bean's disrespectful "creepy collage" towards Chanel and storms down to confront the maid, forcing her minions and the new pledges to follow her lead into the kitchen, proceeding with her prank.

They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes, but Chanel is unhappy with Zayday's lack of effort to use soap.

Grace offers to get some from the basement, causing her to discover a locked secret door, but she is stopped by Chanel #5.

#1 is shocked when #5 says that she does not care what happened to #2, because that's #1's problem, and when people start noticing that she is missing they will start snooping about Kappa Kappa Tau.

After Chanel #5 leaves the freezer room, #1 screams that she will destroy her.