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The RA was allowed to participate in study procedures once complete agreement between delirium assessments was achieved.

We also performed an exploratory analysis in which delirium was classified based on resolution status: never delirious, resolved delirium (eg, delirious in ED and not delirious on hospital day 2 or 3), incident delirium (eg, not delirious in ED and delirious on hospital day 2 or 3) and persistent delirium (eg, delirious in ED through hospital day 3).To our knowledge, none have examined the outcomes of delirium that persists from ED to inpatient ward.This is an important gap in knowledge for several reasons.Baseline cognitive function was determined using the Memory Impairment Screen (MIS) if the patient was not delirious, and by surrogate interview using the short-form Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE) score if the patient was delirious.Cognitive impairment was defined as a MIS score of 4 or less,23 or a IQCODE score of greater than 3.38.24 25 Baseline functional status was determined using the Katz Activities of Daily Living (Katz ADL), which has been validated for both patient and surrogate use.Covariates were collected at the time of enrolment and during hospitalisation.