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Teaching online though also means you have to think outside the box a little bit – it’s no good having boxes of beautiful flashcards when your student can’t touch them!Focus your attention on Powerpoints, PDFs and Word documents – all things you can display and share easily with your online students. My absolute essential for “real life” teaching is a whiteboard. As well as sharing presentations and documents with students in their private folder on my Google Drive, each student also gets their own Google Drawings document that we use as a whiteboard when necessary.Of course, you could have someone else do that bit for you (aka me! On the business side of things, one thing I recommend is dedicating at least an hour of your working week to learning and growing.Whether that’s online courses you’re studying or blog posts or videos that you’ve saved to read/watch later, it’s always worth investing some time in learning to improve your business and keep evolving.These might be useful to give you some ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for lessons. It may be that you’re already teaching in real life in some capacity, in which case, awesome!You probably already have plenty of things that can be used when you’re teaching online.This will begin to include digital tools such as Teachable, Lead Pages and Convert Kit that have all been crucial to the growth of my online language teaching business.If you’re curious about what tools to use to grow your own online language teaching business, this post sharing every tool I use to run my online language teaching business will save you hours and hours of research. When I started my business, one thing I was adamant about was making my own resources to set me apart from the competition. Having a good, solid base of teaching resources will make your job a lot easier.

I’ve written about using Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram for language learning.Not everyone knows this but Skype actually allows you to share your screen really easily. I’ve already mentioned sharing your presentations and other resources with students in their folder, but if they’re not logged in to the right Google account, it might just be easier to share your screen with them.Not only that but screen share is great for sharing websites in other languages and explaining the tech side of things from time to time.Not only that but it’s also crucial to keep a good record of what you study with your students to make sure you’re staying up to date with their progress and your finances.I definitely advise getting started teaching online by experimenting with existing platforms such as italki and seeing how things go and if it’s something you want to pursue before you go ahead and invest time, effort, and money in things like your own website and email list.It’s really simple to do, when you’re in a call on Skype, just click the button below the video of who you’re speaking with and the option will be there.