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What I’ve learned from Chris, our wonderful resident 4-Way straight guy, is that sex is all that some guys “come” for and he should now be looking for a new conquest. Sure, but it’s not likely because it’s not what I want.I think that you two working out depends on several things: 1) The personality and actions of the guy. My point here is that if you want to continue to get to know this guy, you have to change some of your thinking.But if you don't go through the healing process, if you insist on carrying your scars from one failed relationship to the next, you will never fulfill your mission in life. When the shock happens after the breakup and the self esteem goes south...In this deep, heart-centered course, you learn you are not alone. When you look around, they are there to support you, to listen to you, to assist you through the healing process. it is important to know that a breakup happened to many other men as well, its not the end of the world even if it does feel like it...

Once you can find closure within you (you don't truly need your Ex to give you that closure, this is important) then you can look at healing and self development to a better fulfilling relationship.Whether you’ve slept with the guy or not, it’s too soon to tell where it will go from here.It seems to me that you’re feeling remorse or guilt about jumping into bed with this guy on date one.We had a great connection and we made each other laugh.I was also very attracted to him physically, and I could tell that he felt the same about me.If he’s a jerk, he’ll be ready to move on, and then you don’t really want him anyway; 2) The quality of the connection over time; 3) You getting over your first-date sex guilt; 4) The phase of the moon (fate). There are people who have slept together on a first date who have stayed together.