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Detroit’s STD rate didn’t help it much, either: it has the eighth-most STD cases per capita.

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However, there are other ways to get the point across; and no I don’t mean a time out.One mother stated, “I told my son that if he kept acting up in school, then I would hold his hand down the hallway.” Many children respond to verbal correction like explaining the level of disappointment, a recall of rewards like denying a child something they want, or physical correction like spanking.If parents don’t hit other adults/teens for “acting up,” then why do it to a defenseless child?I asked a couple people their opinion on the effectiveness of spanking…If we see two adults fighting, we try to separate them.

However, the penal code states “violence is punished by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €45,000 when committed on a minor under fifteen years or a person whose particular vulnerability, due to age, illness, infirmity, a physical or mental disability or to pregnancy, is apparent or known to the perpetrator” – leaving the law very much open to interpretation.

“I can be disrespectful at times now, but being physically disciplined helped me even more.” -Brittany Waller “It taught me consequences which is a lesson I still carry as an adult.

If I don’t want my butt whopped literally or figuratively, I’ll make the right decisions." -Aliah Williamson “If I didn’t have some form of discipline as a child, I’d be one wild, loud mouth, disrespectful, homeless child.” -Atira Kennedy So when does physical discipline become physical abuse?

Spankings, whoppings, licks, love taps, a dose of act-right, discipline; whatever you want to call it, was every kid’s nightmare.

The cause of the whimper, lip quivering, runny nose and short gasping breaths. You can almost always tell the difference between a child that’s disciplined and a child that co-runs the house.