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However, following this procedure they were placed into polishing drums, and depending upon the amount of time they spent in these drums the facets could be completely removed, or might remain mostly intact.

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I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and we buckled down quite quickly....after a few months together, I started to notice some unhealthy tendencies which leaned towards cuckhold behaviour.-He got a kick out of masturbating in front of me and would suggest that I allow him to wear my underwear.I also recommend that you both see a sex therapist to help you get more clarity regarding what you want to do now that you know about your husband's cross dressing.If the worst case scenario happens and you get to the mutual decision to end your relationship, then I would recommend to your cross-dressing partner to be more honest about that in his next relationship (e.g.Also, I figured that if I continued to drive this fetish back underground, it would probably find other unhealthy ways of festering itself and true to form, this is exactly what happened - he ended up recruiting a married woman to entertain these sick and sworded acts behind my back whilst I was none the wiser.This woman was emotionally vulnerable at the time and he ended up pushing her over the edge - she ended up in a psychological ward with a shattered husband and two young children - essentially a broken home.If you man has a sexual addiction, especially porn and ultimately masterbation...Then go to the site below and download the pdf document which amazingly enough is free... For the record it is a site I came across when I was hoping to get an answer as to why I am addicted to porn and masterbation...

Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.I am going on a bit but its in my connecting the dots.I have found mfm porn on his computer and something called cuckhold where the husband has oral sex with the other man or cleans his wife orally after the other man.I would try to diffuse the conversation quickly as fundamentally this did not agree with my value system..A few more months went on and I became increasingly restless - I found myself overwhelmed with feelings of confusion and despair.Unfortunately, any fetish is brain wired and very resistant to change.