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Sometimes on the way out of the room the groom carries the bride over a ribbon hung with pacifiers and plastic dolls to wish them luck in raising a large family.Often the entire wedding party would visit a famous monument such as grave of the unknown soldier and Marx memorial and have their picture taken there The Soviet-era Palace of Weddings in St.Church weddings were uncommon because religious worship was discouraged and many churches were closed or used as museums or mental institutions.The bride usually wore a wedding dress and veil and the groom wore a wedding suit.About half of all Russian men and women have at least one divorce during their lifetime. The majority of them are set up so that someone living outside of Moscow can get a residency permit to live in Moscow, where there are greater opportunities to get ahead.About a third of the divorced are young couples who live together less than five years. Brokers charge ,000 to set up the marriages for out of town men and often enlist prostitutes to serve as brides.Even though single parenthood and premarital sex have been common among both Russian peasants and workers, marriage has traditionally been an important institution.

[Source: , edited by Paul Friedrich and Norma Diamond (C. Hall & Company, Boston)] Marriages are registered at the local Citizen's records and Licensing Bureau. Couples today marry much later than they did in the Communist era.

Many wait until they have good jobs, are relatively financially secure and have a decent place to live.

Urban couples tend to get married later than rural couples. Kon wrote in the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality: “Because of the economic collapse, the institution of marriage is in a deep crisis.

Folk dance have traditionally been a fixture in Russian weddings.

In the old days weddings usually took place in the fall after the harvest and lasted for three days, with different dances accompanying each phase of the event.