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Pages not updating wordpress

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If this is the case then they are providing this caching either via their own plugins or on the server side and it can be cleared there.

They may or may not have a method to manually clear the cache.

The Yoast SEO plugin is the most used and powerful tool for improving the SEO side of your website.

Have you ever published a post or made a CSS update and then gone to the homepage and it not be there?

Some will provide an easy bypass solution for testing such as typing /? If you’re using an HTTP reverse proxy such as Varnish then the cached version of your site will expire after a short time and your new content will display.

You can adjust the time for the cache to expire in your provider’s settings.

This is a good option if your updates take too long to be recognized by the browser. To clear this cache go to Sucuri Security in the dashboard, select .

It is possible that your host is using cache plugins on the server even without telling you.

If only you are affected then you should clear your browsing data.Cache stores that page in memory so it can be used over and over again.For a Word Press website there are three types of cache: A problem can occur when one or more types of cache doesn’t recognize a website’s update or doesn’t consider it significant enough to clear its memory and reload the page.The control you have over server-side caching will depend on your host.You may be able to clear it in your host’s options settings.Even some security plugins that provide a firewall layer of protection will have cache.