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My loyalest fans are folk people in the far-out tambons, where they lay out mattresses on the ground and drink moonshine whisky while watching my outdoor movies." Born in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand, Panna started out in the movie business in 1979 as a physical trainer for actors in Bangkok. Stunt Team (actually known as Muay Thai Stunt) and set about making films.With the worldwide releases of Ong-Bak and Tom-Yum-Goong, with their gritty, hard-hitting stunts, action-film fans the world over have wanted to see more, so film distributors are starting to release some of Panna's older titles on DVDs geared for the international market.Among the films finding new life on the home video market are Spirited Killer, or Puen Hode, co-starring Tony Jaa, as well as Mission Hunter 2, in which Jaa portrays a villain.He co-starred in Dynamite Warrior, a 2006 martial-arts action comedy set in 19th century Siam and starring Dan Chupong from Born to Fight. During her years spent in New York City, Faith Fairchild was convinced she had seen pretty much everything.Learning a little about filmmaking and inspired by the movies of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, as well as stunts seen in James Bond movies, Panna moved back to Khon Kaen and formed his own stunt team, the P. His first was Kerd ma lui (Born to Fight, 1986), which he remade in 2004.