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However, Sam Yagan describes dating sites as ideal advertising platforms because of the wealth of demographic data made available by users.
After a quick search, I get the measure of the women on the site.

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To meet and exceed customer satisfaction by continuing to provide safe, interactive, affordable and technologically progressive dating services to a growing membership base across the world.Cupid Media's company philosophy includes the salient points that we believe will help us create and retain a loyal membership base while maintaining high ethical standards to achieve profitable growth.You can either harp on the idea that men aren’t men anymore and that women are too independent, or you can acknowledge that the world has changed and that we need to focus on what will make us happy in our lives. Most people who get married in their 20s are divorced by their 40s [laughs].Her argument seems to boil down to Lori Gottlieb’s: Women who don’t marry early on are doomed to be single if they wait. For the small percentage of people who marry in their 20s and stay married into their 80s, marrying young is great.I like not having to sift through piles of profiles! " -- Carol in CA "Jim was one of my first matches...

We are a market leader and work towards maintaining that position.First of all, I think people have so bought into the romantic fairy-tale story that deviating from it is almost impossible to imagine.What I talk about in my book is that we don’t have an alternative romantic story.Our user-friendly site designs, multilingual interfaces and language translation tools break down the traditional barriers faced by people when looking for love, whether it be next door or halfway across the world.To remain a market leader and experience continued growth through an increasing customer base and a larger number of niche dating services.We believe in offering the best dating services within our niche markets.