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  As an example we worked with a big group of Google leaders to help them think about leading their teams differently. Rather than bringing in keynote speakers to talk about leadership we brought in a world class jazz improv ensemble to talk about how the band leader leads his team of creative musicians.

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  These days companies need to adapt rapidly in an evolving marketplace.Without curiosity within individuals at the cultural level the company just can't move fast enough to stay ahead of competition or meet their customer's needs, if they are not curious and evolving.\r\n\r\n You\u2019ve found yourself in some interesting creative environments: Ideo, Stanford, and now founding your own firm Curiosity Atlas.What has your path been to finding value in exploring a more curious life?I want to empower people to develop their curiosity.If people were more curious about each other and asked questions and really listened, we would have so much more understanding of one another, [more] tolerance, and respect.[We would] savor the difference between us and other cultures.