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Jenny added that as a newly-dating couple they had no expectations of each other, and therefore set the bar really high. Jelani added, “When you first meet someone, you meet their representative.” Laura & Tyler left second, believing that the pre-existing couples butted heads more.

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To get the electrons moving again, you must attach the chip to a power source, such as a battery.The negative battery terminal must be hooked up to the N-type semiconductor, and the positive battery terminal must be hooked up to the P-type semiconductor.When the P-type atoms gain an electron, they become negatively charged.This results in positively charged ions near the inner border of the N-type semi-conductor, and negatively-charged ions near the inner border of the P-type semi-conductor.

The negative terminal of the battery would also attract the holes, pulling them further away from the electrons.These solid-state chips are very similar to what can be found inside a computer.Semiconductors are materials that are not great at conducting or transmitting electricity, but not exactly great at insulating or resisting the flow of electricity, either.When this happens, the negative battery terminal repels the negatively-charged electrons away towards the positive battery terminal.Similarly, the positive battery terminal repels the holes forward towards to the negative battery terminal.It is the forces caused by the battery’s voltage on the holes and electrons that begin to make the depletion region grow smaller and eventually disappear completely.