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With this chance meeting she becomes involved with the handsome operative Lee Stetson, codenamed "Scarecrow", and the secret U. But the man in question is sought by two trained KGB thugs and they get trapped in the turncoat's cabin.

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Did you ever think that the reason we can't fly is that we're conditioned to think we can't?I thought this series had humor, great acting, and intelligence. I miss shows like this and it was set somewhere other than Los Angeles or New York. A sandwich Lee ordered was doctored with a drug, but Amanda ate it and began to hallucinate.When she got on the train, every passenger had a red hat on, so she took the package home with her. The episodes of the American television series Scarecrow and Mrs.Rawlings Emmy -- 1986 -- Won -- Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) -- Arthur B.