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I went through all that — for decades, in fact, a period during which I met men I liked and men I didn't.
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It’s so important right now, and we don’t have any comrades here who understand something about it.”Rosa’s political life coincided with the theoretical struggle within the social democratic parties on which way the movement should go?It was the period of the rise of the bureaucratic apparatus and privileges within the movement and its functionaries.Skulle kampen om att inte bli sämsta tvåa landa i en målskillnadsaffär har Sverige i skrivande stund alltså sju färre plusmål med sig och dessutom tre poäng färre (innan det kommande mötet med Luxemburg). Slovakien 6, 7, 12Ukraina 6, 3, 11Nordirland 5, 5, 10Sverige 6, 3, 10Italien 5, 2, 10Irland 6, 2, 10Bosnien och Hercegovina 6, 2, 8-Montenegro 5, 2, 7Portugal 6 spelade matcher, 18 målskillnad, 15 poäng.Lis Mandl looks at how Rosa Luxemburg considered the women’s question as inseparable from the struggle of the working class as a whole.It was the period of the rise of imperialism and the need to tie the revolutionary working class, especially of the so called first world countries, to the capitalist system.One of her most famous books on “Reform or Revolution” deals with the latest development with the German Social Democrats, who were trying to abandon the socialist revolution and, as a matter of fact, socialism itself.Innan Luxemburgs skrällpoäng var det just Luxemburg – ett lag Sverige bara har ett plusmål på sedan 1-0-vinsten på bortaplan i oktober 2016 och dessutom har kvar att möta.Men nu är det istället Vitryssland som är sist vilket gör att Sverige tappar de åtta plusmål ”Blågult” har på dem. Portugal 6 spelade matcher, 18 målskillnad, 15 poäng.

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But that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t interested or she was thinking about the women’s question only as a secondary contradiction. In November 1918 she wrote a letter to Zetkin saying: “Maybe I should write on the women’s question.

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the outstanding fighters of the working class movement in Germany as well as internationally. When it came to revolution, and the trust in the working class, she was deeply devoted to her one and only goal: socialism.

She was also known for her fine sense of criticism and her bitter struggle against war and imperialism.

These strange ideas are still repeated today by some so-called leaders of the international working class movement (although most of them now speak of a “social market economy”).

This discussion exactly and simultaneously mirrored and still mirrors the basic question facing the women’s movement: is the liberation of women within capitalism possible or not?