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Websites, chat rooms, and the like are tremendous sources of information about conditions, treatments, and medications that are up-to-the-minute. You may not be able to compete with taking the children to Disney World. No one can - or will ever - care more about a youngster and his/her well-being than the parent(s). Pointing your finger at your spouse or his medical or family history is not productive and can be extremely hurtful.

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It was liberals who were shouted down when they spoke.' ¶ Then he dropped his bombshell: '[L]iberals have very short memories.I mean that sincerely.'""JANET NAPOLITANO, PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SYSTEM: Yeah, I think it is.

In every city in America and far beyond, farmers' markets abound; organics are widely available; small organic vegetable gardens thrive from inner cities to suburban front lawns to the White House; the Edible Schoolyard Project, founded by Alice and the Chez Panisse Foundation in 1995 as a way 'to create and sustain an organic garden and landscape that is wholly integrated into the school's curriculum, culture, and food program' now exists in 33 countries.""University administrators, whose job it is to promote harmony and diversity on campus, often find the easiest way to do so is to placate the intolerant fifth. Contentious campus politics have been a constant feature of American life for more than 50 years.This is why it is so important that the campus did all it could to ensure freedom of speech.It is also why this campus has the chance to be a model for other schools in upholding the principle that all ideas and views can be expressed at colleges and universities.""This focus on things - often already antiquated things -- weirdly disconnects Evans' photography from the time in which which it was made.So, again, education is key.""[Safiya] Noble added powerful details to the origins of the Free Speech movement at Berkeley in the '60s.'The free speech movement was not just about giving more voice to people in an abstract flattened plain way.By risking indictment, they thought that they could put the Johnson administration -- and the war itself -- on trial in court proceedings all over the country.""After earned a doctorate in sociology from Harvard University in 1958, [Neil Joseph] Smelser began his career that same year as an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, where he stayed until his retirement in 1994.