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To these we can add many dialects of French, Spanish, and English.

That language and cultural identity are linked is a truism.It is probably even more important than South Carolina in the history of special contact languages in this country, and in the total historical picture it rivals even an unusually complex West Indian island like Curacao.The key word for much of this kind of language complexity is , the term has long been used in Louisiana for those of mixed ancestry.Hull (1968) points out how even the more nearly "standard" varieties of colonial French may have reflected to some degree this maritime influence.(For a parallel, see the discussion of Maritime or "Isleños" Spanish below.) Cajun French, at once perhaps the best-known variety of Louisiana French and paradoxically the least likely to be called a "Creole" - though it is by some Louisiana speakers - represents on an obvious historical level, the expulsion from Acadia in Nova Scotia of several thousand French speakers who refused to submit to King George and the English language.The complex details of this sort of linkage between language and culture for all the folk groups in Louisiana is beyond the scope of this article.