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Of course, I have to point out that, as a man who dates women, I can only present part of the full picture here.

Perhaps in the future another of our fine bloggers on here can offer a woman’s perspective and of course that of the LGBT community too.

Well, as of yet I still haven’t met her, but I’ve come close a few times.

Without going into the gory details, I have been engaged twice before and did manage to keep a relationship going for a few years at one point.

So, instead, today I hope to impart a few simple pearls of wisdom garnered from almost a decade of dating in Japan.

I’ve had some great experiences, and I’ve had some truly excruciating ones, but overall it’s been a fun and informative adventure thus far.

Again, without going into graphic detail, it’s safe to say that, when a Japanese woman is ready to take things to the next level of your relationship, she will let know and it will be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon!

In time, as you get to know each other more, you will probably find yourselves communicating in a mix of Japanese and English that is comfortable for both of you.

It is an oft-misappropriated stereotype that Japanese people are cold and passionless and lacking in any romantic expressive abilities. Whilst you may find she is reluctant to hold hands or hug and kiss in public, let’s face it: that can be the case with women anywhere in the world.

Its population of 127 million people is predicted to decrease to 87 million by 2060.

The survey, carried out by the country's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, also reported that about 80% of unmarried Japanese want to get married.