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One thing I've learned is that beating yourself up does not help. As a seasoned addiction counselor, I know that you will be tempted to lie to yourself and/or your partner or me about your addiction.

Instead of beating yourself up or concluding that you're hopeless, use your discovery of this website and my free e-book as an opportunity to expand your knowledge so that you get the control over this very troubling problem you've struggled with most of your life. Anyone who tells you that overcoming a porn addiction, compulsive masturbation, infidelity, or promiscuity is easy is not someone to be trusted. But what I can do, and what the Most Personal Addiction can do, is help you overcome the temptation to lie to yourself and your partner or me about your sex addiction.

When you attempt to get a handle on sex addiction, you're doing much more than merely stopping a bad habit.

If you've failed at getting your addiction under control, you're not doomed.

Here are a few typical ways a sexually addicted person is advised to repress his addictive desires: Stay away from the Internet.

Failure occurs when any one of these three factors are not properly developed. Honesty Most sexually addicted people lie to themselves and/or their partner about their sexually addictive activities.Assuming you've decided you're ready to stop, the free download of all 48 chapters of Topics on this page: You can break free |Cope With Failure | When To Stop | Misconceptions | Partner Addicted | Counselor Qualifications | Kinds of Sex Addiction | Codependency | Sex addiction and criminal behavior The media has done its best to portray sex addiction as a perfectly normal way of life.Conventional licensed therapy shares in this problem because conventional licensed therapists are notorious for telling people that addictive use of pornography and addictive masturbation are not a problem for open-minded people.The lies come in the form of rationalizations like, "I don't have a pornography addiction.I'm just having harmless fun." Or the person lies outright, "I didn't get up in the middle of the night to masturbate.Conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program fail in the area of sexual addiction because their advice is based on living in a world without stress, fatigue, anger or hunger.