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They were represented as taking ship from the Thermodon across the Black Sea to the coast of the Mseotis, because here, in the Crimea, on the “promontory of the maiden,” a cruel maiden goddess, who was also called Artemis Tauropolus by the Greeks, was worshipped.Herodotus, and after him Ephorus, tells us that the Amazons fled over the Pontus from the Thermodon, and landed on the shore of the Mseotis.Of course, by the time Greeks got busy scribbling down ethnographic details about their neighbors, mostly in the interest of celebrating the unique awesomeness of being Greek, nobody could actually find the Amazons, although rumors of their current disposition abounded, usually locating them somewhere in the Caucuses, essentially the border between Europe and Asia (in modern Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas).A nation of heroines was certainly never found by the Greeks on the Thermodon.Tang scholars were equally puzzled by the existence of an all-female nation, which they suggested was located near what they referred to as , which many historians have concluded was a reference to Syria (or at least the far reaches of the eastern Roman Empire). “The country contains many precious articles and is a dependency of Fu-lin.The rulers (chun-chang) of Fu-lin send males to them every year to couple with them. several centuries before the compilation of the Hsin-t’ang-shu.Unmarried women—for the care of herding fell chiefly on them—dressed like men, and by reason of their duties were armed with bows and javelins.

Hence the Greeks resolved to make the Amazons the ancestors of the Sarmatians.And reciprocally it is far from improbable that among a race of warriors a man might not take a wife till he had shown his bravery in battle by bringing home at least one head.The whole duty of man lay in fighting, robbing, avenging the death of relatives, man stealing, and, for those that lived on the coast, in piracy.It is their custom not to bring up male children they have born.” The same authority (ch. 6), speaking of the Tung-nu (“eastern women”) in Central Asia, says: “On the western sea there are likewise women with a female government, which is the cause of these [in Central Asia] being called eastern women.” A parallel passage is contained in the Ta-t’ang-hsi-yu-chi, the account of Hsuan Chuang’s journeys, chiefly derived from Sanskrit sources, and completed in A. One is, in the face of the identity of this account (as well as of part of what the Hsin-t’ang-shu says about Persia) with the text of Hsuan Chuang’s work, in a temptation to assume that much of the information received in China regarding Fu-lin, perhaps also regarding the ancient Ta-ts’in, has come thither through Indian sources translated by Buddhist linguists,—a view lately put forward by Dr. There is certainly no doubt that, Hsuan Chuang’s being the older work and not a compilation like the T’ang-shu, the account of the Amazons must have been derived from it (Hirth, 1885, p200-202).By the time the European Middle Ages rolled around, and lacking any Amazons to ask directly, historiographers came to the conclusion that the Amazons had migrated to what was in those days being called Scythia, and more specifically, Sarmatia (roughly Ukraine and Southern Russia), identifying certain cultural practices among an Iranian ethnic group called the Sarmatians (recorded as thriving between about the 5 Century A. The Sarmatians, though without fixed habitations, were possessed of a certain social organization, being divided, at any rate, into nobles and vassals, many of whom were only slaves.Though the women were ferocious enough towards tribal enemies their status at home was very low, little better than that of a slave, at any rate after marriage.