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The council sought permission on Tuesday from a local magistrate to access another tip outside the city limits, promising it would clear the four-day backlog of trash within 24 hours.'We are finding new locations. Anura said.'We will not dump it all in one location, but at several sites.'The death toll from Friday's accident climbed to 30 on Tuesday as another victim was found, Seneviratne said.'We are still carrying out clearing of damaged homes,' he said.

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– It doesn’t matter if you attend a kiddy swim meet, high school meet, or college swim meet, the important thing is that you go to a meet your husband will love and that you spend time with your honey!

Sign up for a triathlon or some other race and then schedule dates to train for it.

Sew a loop hole on both ends large enough for the pvc pipe to fit.

– We’ve created a truly indulgent fantasy evening for an over-the-top date that is full of all those things you fantasize about doing, but never actually do. If you aren’t into playing, have a girl’s night in the living room and let the guys take the kitchen.

When you make your man happy, he will make you happy and these dates are just the ticket to grabbing his attention, heart, and all the affection you need!

«Introduce yourself » - it is the best thing you can do to start the acquaintance.

Hook this up to power with your house, or rent a generator and have it in a park or woods.

– Find someone with a projector, rent, or buy one yourself.Ladies, we get dizzy with lovey-dovey date nights but I promise you are going to have so much fun with these man-approved date nights.Many of these dates will make you swoon just as much as he will.Players are considered tagged if they are pegged by a water balloon or get wet with a super-soaker.Have the jail located in a kiddy pool or sprinkler.Bring a guitar or harmonica if you have one to enhance the evening by the fire.