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Sql updating one table from another

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Each subsequent trigger sees the changes made by the previously fired triggers. The old values are the original values, and the new values are the current values, as set by the most recently fired trigger. For example, assume that the table Emp_log was created as follows: The compound trigger makes it easier to program an approach where you want the actions you implement for the various timing points to share common data.

The database executes all triggers of the same type before executing triggers of a different type. Deptno) AS Amp_list_ Emplist FROM dept d; CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Dept_emplist_tr INSTEAD OF INSERT ON NESTED TABLE Emplist OF Dept_view REFERENCING NEW AS Employee PARENT AS Department FOR EACH ROW BEGIN -- Insert on nested table translates to insert on base table: INSERT INTO emp VALUES (: Employee. To achieve the same effect with simple triggers, you had to model the common state with an ancillary package.

Any view that contains one of those constructs can be made updatable by using an triggers can also be created over nested table view columns. All of these sections can access a common PL/SQL state.

These triggers provide a way of updating elements of the nested table. The common state is established when the triggering statement starts and is destroyed when the triggering statement completes, even when the triggering statement causes an error.

A compound trigger defined on a table has one or more of the timing-point sections described in Table 9-1.

sql updating one table from another-64

For example, do not assign a value to a global package variable in a row trigger if the current value of the global variable is dependent on the row being processed by the row trigger.They fire for each nested table element being modified. CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER compound_trigger 2 FOR UPDATE OF salary ON employees 3 COMPOUND TRIGGER 4 5 -- Declarative part (optional) 6 -- Variables declared here have firing-statement duration.The row correlation variables inside the trigger correspond to the nested table element. 7 threshold CONSTANT SIMPLE_INTEGER := 200; 8 9 BEFORE STATEMENT IS 10 BEGIN 11 NULL; 12 END BEFORE STATEMENT; 13 14 BEFORE EACH ROW IS 15 BEGIN 16 NULL; 17 END BEFORE EACH ROW; 18 19 AFTER EACH ROW IS 20 BEGIN 21 NULL; 22 END AFTER EACH ROW; 23 24 AFTER STATEMENT IS 25 BEGIN 26 NULL; 27 END AFTER STATEMENT; 28 END compound_trigger; 29 / Trigger created.In all cases, the SQL statements running within triggers follow the common rules used for standalone SQL statements.In particular, if an uncommitted transaction has modified values that a trigger being fired either must read (query) or write (update), then the SQL statements in the body of the trigger being fired use the following guidelines: privilege.Variables and subprograms declared in this section have firing-statement duration.