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When you reinvent yourself like this, bringing the show to L. and changing your surroundings—although I brought a lot of people from Chicago—you get some new direction. Yeah, a little bit, because they’re a little bit more jaded. How do you deal with the challenge of things like that?

You get some new ideas, some different producers and you just go, “Wow, I’d like to do that.” They’re going to come up with new ideas because they’re new people. First of all, social media has made being famous a lot more painful than it used to be.

The main change for Harvey’s show is bringing “late-night to daytime,” as the host put it. You can download this stuff online,” Harvey said, explaining that his show will be more comedy-based, rather than information-based, however the daily series will still incorporate human interest stories. I think that’s what’s missing after doing daytime for five years,” Harvey said. People just need to laugh in the middle of the day, and I’ve kind of been restricted from that over the past five years…that’s the big difference in the show.” Harvey noted that his show will now incorporate more celebrity segments, given the L. Harvey also said his show will include female-based segments, like his former talker.

As for the format, the show will feature a Harvey monologue at the top of the show, a desk segment and an “incredible game.” “The big difference here and the reason for moving to L. “I’ve championed women on my show the show five years it’s been there, whether it’s dating or advice,” he said.

is moving to Los Angeles with a whole new take on daytime TV: Late night in daytime and he promises to have everything but the band.“I do walk out. I do a funny section at my desk,” he tells in this exclusive interview for his new talk show, named “I bring an unsuspecting audience member down for a chance to win some money. just by dint of its new location, filming at Universal Studios in Hollywood.“We’re getting a lot of calls, so I do expect it to pick up considerably, which is a thing I avoided in Chicago, and rightfully so, because it’s hard to get them in Chicago,” Harvey says. So I just thought that that was an element that was missing from daytime television and I wanted to see if I can be the one to introduce that concept.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, more up tempo, just more of my personality coming through on the front side.”But those aren’t the only changes. Famous people cancel.”Harvey also talked about his decision to keep the politics to a minimum, giving Ellen De Generes a run for the money, his dream guests, how he handles negative press, what he has to be thankful for and more. But what they can’t do all the time is be entertained.

The comedian is teaming with a new producing partner, IMG, for the new talker, which will be based in Los Angeles.NBCU is currently shopping it to other stations with the expectations that the new program will be taken on by the majority of stations that carry There had been speculation that Harvey would end his successful talk show when his contract with Endemol Shine North America ends in 2017.In anticipation of a potential end, NBCU only went for a one-season station renewal when the show’s deal came up this past May. The thing about daytime TV, it used to be the formula was take away. I just knew that it was time to change that because I just think that the world has changed.You all didn’t.” Sitting with the executive producer of his upcoming show, Shane Farley, Harvey was asked by a reporter how many staff members from the Chicago show were coming to work to the Los Angeles show: Farley said roughly 10 out of a staff of 60.