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Synchronous asynchronous updating cellular automata

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Authors: David Cornforth The Clock scheme (Thomas 1979, Low and Lapsley 1999) assigns a timer to each cell.The period of each timer is set at random, as is the initial phase of the timer.This paper presents a new framework for asynchrony.

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Those timers that have exceeded the value of their period variable are updated in order, with new states being implemented immediately.

of its neighbours, using a gain term beta (see attached equation image).

These five schemes are implemented as a one dimensional CA having 250 cells and 2 states, with each cell connected to its two neighbours and itself.

Cellular automata, as with other multi-agent system models, usually treat time as discrete and state updates as occurring synchronously.

In contrast, an asynchronous cellular automaton is able to update individual cells independently, in such a way that the new state of a cell affects the calculation of states in neighbouring cells.