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Boca Bento serves some of the tastiest fusion Latino-Asian fare in town, and the setting – a handsome historic hacienda – is quite elegant.
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Running up to Griffith Park to capture a shot at magic hour and then running back to the jazz club. At the premiere, our mayor was there and he thanked everybody for representing the city the way that the film does.

In that scene in the club, were you able to observe Ryan Gosling on the piano? We chatted about the difficulty of learning an instrument for a movie. What does he do for a living and how did he and Mia meet? You’ve also lived in Los Angeles for most of your career and you’ve raised your family there. And I hadn’t thought about it very deeply before then.

A 1995 recurring role on "Grace Under Fire" featured him as the son that Brett Butler's title character gave up for adoption and made him a familiar face to viewers of the highly rated sitcom.birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to Greg’s newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention. Atlanta has so many things there to offer—restaurants, museums, sports and places where you can ride your bike. Obviously not as crazy as in the movie, but I have two kids and we’ve done the six-hour drive from Los Angeles to Mammoth.With this, the fourth in the franchise, there’s a whole new cast and taking the role of dad, Frank Heffley is Tom Everett Scott, a real-life dad of two kids—a son, 12, and a daughter, 16—who happily slipped into the driver’s seat of the family mini-van for this cross-country adventure. I would say that he’s a working dad who tries to devote as much time as possible to his family, his wife and his three boys. He’s concerned about the financial strain of having a medium to large-size family as well as the demands of modern day life. I remember those long stretches through the desert.I learned that you have to load up the car—the best thing to do is to pack the car with a portable DVD player, books, games and good music. They will fight you tooth and nail but after you take the phone away and after that initial crazy period where they hate you, they come out and say ‘I’m so bored.’ You say ‘You want to draw?One of the messages of the film is how hard it is to get kids away from their phones, which is so tough these days. ’ Suddenly you’re drawing and hanging out and thinking, ‘This is so much better!’I read that you and your son have read every book?