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Even worse, Storyland holds SO much nostalgia and good memories for, if they touch it I will legit cry. your aloud to say ''girlfriend, dates, kisses'', and more dating things. also there is 1 bad word im not going to say that is ALOUD THROUGH THE FILTER. and there are ALOT of people playing games and you can even vrs people!

Also, they took the awesome Madagascar features out. I love this highly interactive, nostalgic game to pieces, but I just want my beloved real JS back. and all you have to do to say a bad word is just change one letter. Ok those are all the cons i can think of now the pros. i actually learned multiplication here back when i was 5!

you can make it sleep, eat, and even fly places with it!!! you can block and report bad people and so you cant see what they write!

I have grown out of most of the things in the game but there is still fun games to play.

One of my favourite places is this little place, you can do magic in it and brew potions. Every holiday theres a new attraction to ride on, you can even raise, train, and ride your own mythical creature!

If you're a member, you can get a pet and train it and everything, when it's older then you can send it out as a dragon and call it and fly on it. The math is a little too easy for me, but I still enjoy the game.

No one likes this "update"Okay I know the other reviews are mostly all 5 star and say great things about this game, but in my opinion i think this game is bad. (yes i have been playing 5 years but i quit) 2 there is ALOTTT of fun things!

Here are my reasons why I HIGHLY recommend not to play this game. You can get a pet that i think is called like a dragon or pegasis and u train it!