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This is the first Albanian page to provide different servers to connect to, or you could use them all simultaneously.

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We will continue to invest in Access Desktop databases by expanding data connectivity, database management, and other features.

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If you're an admin, you can use a new tool to scan for the existence of any Access web apps or web databases deployed in your tenant.

For more information, see Export Access web app tables to an Access desktop database.

Microsoft SQL Server You can migrate the data to SQL Server: Alternatively, consider using the SQL Azure Migration Wizard to migrate directly data from the Access web app back-end (a SQL Azure database) to an SQL Server database.

The request has several fields (columns) that are read by the runbooks to perform the provisioning: There is also a “Status” field that is used to show the user which state the request is in, and also to indicate to Orchestrator which requests are new and which have already been serviced. It performs all the provisioning tasks using several runbooks (details of each are included below).

Orchestrator acts on behalf of the requestor, in that it watches for new requests to appear and then invokes runbooks to do the work.