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Updating ata controller

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Integrated Drive Electronics refers to the fact that the interface electronics or controller is built into the drive and is not a separate board, as it was with earlier drive interfaces.

Although the correct name for the particular IDE interface we most commonly use is technically ATA, many persist in using the IDE designation today.

The drive/controller assembly then was plugged into an ISA bus slot as though it were a normal disk controller card.

The integrated configuration enables increases in the clock rate of the encoder and the storage density of the drive.

The earliest IDE drives were called hardcards and were nothing more than hard disks and controller cards bolted directly together and plugged into a slot as a single unit.

Several types of hard disk interfaces have been used for PC hard disks over the years, as shown in Table 7.1.

As time has passed, the number of choices has increased; however, many of the older interface standards are obsolete and no longer viable in newer systems.