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The OPENROWSET statement allows SQL to access data from an external provider.

Bulk is a special provider for OPENROWSET created for inserting documents and images.

To begin, we’ll create a test database and table to hold our images.

Use the following TSQL statement: In this example, the column name is BLOBData, but the column name can be any standard SQL name.

SQL BOL (Books On Line) gives a good example of the three binary types: Use Binary when the sizes of the column data entries are consistent (and less than 8,000 bytes).The SQL statement is only getting the image, but in future examples, we’ll retrive the file name as well and build a more real life application.The command type being set to “text” means a SQL statement will be passed in, as opposed to the name of a stored procedure. In fact, any html on the page would be not be displayed.This can be done by using the new FILESTREAM feature which was introduced in SQL Server 2008.There are different ways in which a DBA can enable the FILESTREAM feature, to know how you can refer to my previous tip titled Different ways to enable FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server 2008.This article will focus on using the SQL Server Binary data type to store small image files.