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Unless that is done the fields often read their default values (e.g."insert manufacturers name here" rather than the proper name.Soon after setting up fancy new asset management tool you realized that all your clone PCs show up with identical info. | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Commands: | | --------- | | /ALL [File Name] Output SMBIOS stringd to screen/file. | | /ID ["String"] Read/Write BIOS release date in Type 0. EFI -a "Asset Tag" Modify in BIOS Settings OMCI and VBScript Fujitsu SERIALNO. EXE /CA "Asset Tag" Modify in BIOS Settings HP CMI and VBScript IBM EXTRMDMI. Everything below comes from /p : get DMI using Pn P functions /s : get DMI using memory search /u : set UUID /g : get informations in Type 1 and 2 /n : set Type 1 and 2 using the data which get from parameter /g /o # : set #th OEM String in Type 11 /sco # : set #th String of System Configuration Options in Type 12 /iv : setup BIOS Version in Type 0 /sm : setup Manufacturer in Type 1 /sp : setup Product Name in Type 1 /sv : setup Version in Type 1 /ss : setup Serial Number in Type 1 /sk : setup SKUNumber in Type 1 /sf : setup Family in Type 1 /bm : setup Manufacturer in Type 2 /bp : setup Product Name in Type 2 /bv : setup Version in Type 2 /bs : setup Serial Number in Type 2 /cm : setup Manufacturer in Type 3 /cv : setup Version in Type 3 /cs : setup Serial Number in Type 3 /ca : setup Asset Tag Number in Type 3 /co : setup OEM-Defined data(Hexadecimal) in Type 3 Example: dmi_b44 /ss 012345678 ---- set serial number(Type 1) to "012345678" dmi_b44 /cm "AMI" ---- set manufacture(Type 3) to "AMI" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | AMIDEDOS - AMIBIOS DMI Editor for DOS | | Copyright (C)2008 American Megatrends Inc. Ver.1.32 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Usage: AMIDEDOS | | Or | | AMIDEDOS [Option1] [Option2]... | | | | Options: | | -------- | | /IV ["String"] Read/Write BIOS version in Type 0. EXE "Asset Tag" Modify in BIOS Settings OMCI and VBScript Dell Servers (EFI) ASSET. | | /CA ["String"] Read/Write Chassis Tag number in Type 3. The expression enclosed by [] means it is an optional field. A command without parameter means it is a read command. A command with necessary parameter means it is a write command. | | /CO [4 Bytes] Read/Write Chassis OEM-defined value in Type 3. | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer: White Box Manufacturer Model: White Box Model Serial Number: White Box Serial Number Asset Tag: Asset Tag Motherboard: ASUSTe K Computer INC. EXE /CA "Asset Tag" AMIDELNX /CA "Asset Tag" DMIDOS. | | /BS ["String"] Read/Write Baseboard Serial number in Type 2.

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EXE /CAT "Asset Tag" So that should cover most everything.At first glance, it might seem that the chassis type is interesting information but of minimal use to system administrators.In truth, however, knowing the physical design of the chassis provides valuable information for system administrators.PXX Motherboard Serial: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX **Tools and Commands to Set Asset Tags** BIOS Manufacturers AMI DMI20_44. EXE /VAR [CHASSIS INFORMATION] Asset Tag Number=Asset Tag NEC DMISS2. They might also be found on the manufacturer's ftp sites or provided on the discs that come with your system or motherboard.Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Scripting Guide The chassis is the physical container that houses the components of a computer.