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Updating module dependencies arch

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utility (an ipkg fork) is a lightweight package manager used to download and install Open Wrt packages from local package repositories or ones located in the Internet. OPKG is however a full package manager for the root file system, instead of just a way to add software to a seperate directory (e.g.

It also has similarities with NSLU2's Optware, also made for embedded devices.

Thus, instead of upgrading, reflashing Open Wrt with a newer firmware image is recommended.

Of course, upgrading packages installed afterwards does not have this drawback.

updating module dependencies arch-48

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Once in the live cd, I setup the network with netctl.

Once I had network, I mounted my the partition with my OS’s root filesystem with in there makes sure everything gets reinstalled even if files from the package already exist in the filesystem. The last thing I needed to do is check which other packages might need to be reinstalled.

Note that Geary doesn’t support POP3 so you will be forced to use IMAP protocol to read your emails.

You email password is stored securely in the Gnome keyring.