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Updating nxe from hdd

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Most of the 1st and 2nd generation boards will go 3-LOD while using the GUI alone, becasue the cooling down process will not be as frequent as with the original dashboard.The NXE now extends to your hard disk or memory card.

updating nxe from hdd-41updating nxe from hdd-69

After about 20-30 seconds it righted its self without me having to restart my 360...

Before installing NXE, do this : - solder back resistor (or any 10K resistor) - reflash 1888 (each time you change kernel, dump it, reflash it, store it safely) - upgrade to vulnerable kernel 4532 (each time you upgrade, 1 efuse blows) - upgrade to a few kernels above that (using original games, not backups) - now you are ready to install NXE with LDV0 (number of efuses blown) - NXE will blowone efuse, and things will be ok.

To flash back to older firmwares (never connect to live with older firmware because X: changes).

You need to replace (jumper in) the resistor with a 10k resistor if you lost yours, but if you did this for a reason; the kernel exploit, the next paragraph.

Now, If your 360 is modded, and you removed R6T3 resistor for downgrading; When NXE is installed, your 360 will be bricked, as it now detects that the e Fuse has not blown.