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First, a local Fox station in Philadelphia ran a segment called “Star Wars Action Figure Has Parents Furious” after a father of two daughters took issue with finding Black Series 6” Slave Leia action figures marked “ages 4 and up” in the toy aisle at Target.

Updating pixel shaders

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If you want to stop that, use “keepalpha” option on the #pragma surface line.

This breaks compatibility for content that relies on material index as a way of sorting.In the case of custom shaders where you define your own lighting functions, you need to remove the * 2 yourself.// A common pattern in shader code that has this problem will look like this = s.In 4.x unity_Scale.w was the 1 / uniform Scale of the transform, Unity 4.x only rendered non-scaled or uniformly scaled models.Other scales were performed on the CPU, which was very expensive & had an unexpected memory overhead.Unity 5.0 makes built-in Fog work on Windows Phone and consoles, but in order to achieve that we’ve changed how Fog is done a bit.